Thursday, 23 May 2013

Spoils of Drawing Day

Wah! I feel I haven't drawn for s long cause I've been so busy with work and event planning and my crafting. But I got some cool stuff done over the weekend as part of the Cloudscape Comics Fundraiser for Waterlogged: Tales from the Seventh Sea. We are so close to printing this great book! Big thank you to all our contributors and supporters so far! You'll get an amazing book!

So last weekend we held a Drawing Day where the internet threw ideas for drawings and a bunch of Cloudscape artists drew their interpretation of the request. If you go to the Indigogo site you can purchase one of the original drawings that came out of the event. Here are my Spoils of Drawing day!

First we had Ninja Tricycle Attack that came up in conversation while planning the event and it stuck with me so I needed to do a tricycle ninja. Copic fine liners and Pentel Brush pen for filling in the blacks. I've got a long way to go in learning how to properly shade black clothes. Need to look up more reference... any suggestions?

Next a call went out to Angela Melick for Marsupial Superhero which was too good to pass up. Several artists did this... mine turned into a bit of a knight in shiny armor deal with Sir Sugar Glider. I was just using the brush pen on this one so it has a very organic flow and fur is the best with a brush pen, once you get the hang of it.

Cloudsy Works Out was up next. To those who don't know Cloudsy along with Umbrella Girl are kind of the Cloudscape Mascots. So someone suggested to do a pinup of Cloudsy and Ta da! There is a second one done by Jonathan Dalton. This was a mix of Copic fine liners and Pentel Brush pen again. 

Last but not least and by far the best one is Bishonen Luongo. Someone suggested Canadian Anime. Then we joked that it should be a sports anime so obviously it had to be hockey and so it came that Bishonen Luongo had to be drawn. Copic fine liners all the way... I'm not good at making anime boys with facial hair but it was insisted that he has to have a bit of a rugged appearance. Hope you all enjoy and if you wish to own it they are available through the Indigogo campaign!