Friday, 12 October 2012

So much happening

Let's just not go there... So much to do so little time to sketch let alone finish something. First we have another monster Pelquin! >.< () and I get an automatic win cause no one else made a submission. I'm trying to work with the brush pen more.

Then I've got Yona the main character of the comic I'm very slowly working on. The pic on the left is how he starts out, then he lets loose a bit and relaxes enough to not do up every button. He is Nix's contact so those two are kind of the main characters of this story. The inking on the right didn't work with me again brush pen... as a mental note if you screw up a little take a two minute brake and calm cause if you keep going that's what happens. Grrr..

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Creepy and Cute

Argh babies are so hard to draw! >.< Why did I write a baby into my next comic... Making a "shark person" baby look cute and still have enough shark traits to easily distinguish it's species it even harder. I don't know what that blob behind Mako is in the first pic...  it started out as an air supply in his tank but then it looked dumb so it morphed into a plushy blanket thing. The hands gave me a run for my money even though i was photo referencing and all... Babies... argh... more practice.
 This is the Ophidos from the Cloudscape Monster Alphabet...  Vote for your favorite on the website! I figured this one is one of those that looks almost normal but does something fantastical... maybe like the Cactus Cat... eheheh.