Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Something Fishy Something Fluffy

Getting some practice in with the Pantel brush pen and man it ain't easy. First I got some more character drawing of Nix from my future comic project. Is his shirt too... gangster or womanizer? I want him to be casual but interesting on land when he wears clothes... I totally messed up the cross hatching on this picture... with the brush pen there is nothing that can be done in a hurry while you're half paying attention.

Another monster for the Cloudscape Monster Alphabet. Vote for your favorite Nys Stead starting tomorrow on the website! This is like a cross between an an ant eater, a moose, and a giraffe... not quite what I first had in mind... I wanted to make something majestic... why did the moose get mixed in there?

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Back on Track

And I think I did rather well on this one. I hate to admit that patience is key. So I redrew Link cause I messed up on the other one and I took my time outlining it and low and behold it turned into one of my best outlined images.  So as a mental note... take your time and don't rush!
 And then I degrees with a quickie... my pens are really running dry and it's definitely not good for outlining.  Maybe it's the next monster in the Cloudscape monster alphabet, depends what the word is...

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Long Time No Post

Sorry about that, lots of stuff happened in August and then I've been a little slow to get back into to this. Funny thing is... you don't draw for nearly a month and you start to see the decay in your work. I haven't lined anything in nearly two months and I am not impressed with how much my hand has already lost what it had learned so it's back to practice practice.

First we have a little fan art of Link on a Deku Shrub. I want to do a proper picture of this, there is far too many things wrong with this... the hands, his eyes... messed up on outlining a lock of hair... and i think on top of it all my pen was running out of ink so the line quality sucks.
 Next one was a lot better, used the brush pen to get some nice variation in the lines and the microns on the face so I don't mess it up. I like Nagas they are fun to draw and there is sort of a contest on DA for Naga pictures so I thought what the heck, why not.