Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Something Fishy Something Fluffy

Getting some practice in with the Pantel brush pen and man it ain't easy. First I got some more character drawing of Nix from my future comic project. Is his shirt too... gangster or womanizer? I want him to be casual but interesting on land when he wears clothes... I totally messed up the cross hatching on this picture... with the brush pen there is nothing that can be done in a hurry while you're half paying attention.

Another monster for the Cloudscape Monster Alphabet. Vote for your favorite Nys Stead starting tomorrow on the website! This is like a cross between an an ant eater, a moose, and a giraffe... not quite what I first had in mind... I wanted to make something majestic... why did the moose get mixed in there?

1 comment:

  1. Ok I want to say awesome work on both characters. First one: seems like he/she should be some aquatic person (gills,tentacle like hair frail facial features). The shirt....I say no. It's not fitting on or for this person.

    I like the Anteater,moosicorn,donkey,horse and deer creature thingie it looks niffty.

    Cool drawings. Looking forward to more!
    Keep on posting please.