Thursday, 4 October 2012

Creepy and Cute

Argh babies are so hard to draw! >.< Why did I write a baby into my next comic... Making a "shark person" baby look cute and still have enough shark traits to easily distinguish it's species it even harder. I don't know what that blob behind Mako is in the first pic...  it started out as an air supply in his tank but then it looked dumb so it morphed into a plushy blanket thing. The hands gave me a run for my money even though i was photo referencing and all... Babies... argh... more practice.
 This is the Ophidos from the Cloudscape Monster Alphabet...  Vote for your favorite on the website! I figured this one is one of those that looks almost normal but does something fantastical... maybe like the Cactus Cat... eheheh.

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