Thursday, 20 September 2012

Long Time No Post

Sorry about that, lots of stuff happened in August and then I've been a little slow to get back into to this. Funny thing is... you don't draw for nearly a month and you start to see the decay in your work. I haven't lined anything in nearly two months and I am not impressed with how much my hand has already lost what it had learned so it's back to practice practice.

First we have a little fan art of Link on a Deku Shrub. I want to do a proper picture of this, there is far too many things wrong with this... the hands, his eyes... messed up on outlining a lock of hair... and i think on top of it all my pen was running out of ink so the line quality sucks.
 Next one was a lot better, used the brush pen to get some nice variation in the lines and the microns on the face so I don't mess it up. I like Nagas they are fun to draw and there is sort of a contest on DA for Naga pictures so I thought what the heck, why not. 

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