Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Waterlogged Fundraiser

So I thought I'd post something a little more finished, get everyone a little more interested in what's happening cause it's exciting! First let's release the sexy pirate Morgan of the Red Pelican! If you look back a few posts you'll see an earlier ink of him he's from a big story I'm working on. And most importantly he'll be appearing in the Pirate Gallery in Cloudscape's next anthology, Waterlogged - Tales from the Seventh Sea! Our fundraising campaign is going strong but we've still got a long way to go. This is going to be a hard cover book with one spot colour featuring some of the most amazing comic artist in Vancouver like Sam Logan (Sam & Fuzzy), Angela Melick (Wasted Talent), Nina Matsumoto (Yokaiden, Bongo Comics), Colin Upton (Postmodern Mini-Comics), Gabriel Frizzera, Lucy Bellwood (Baggywrinkles), Jonathon Dalton (A Mad Tea-Party), Laura Bifano, and Jeff Ellis (Teach English in Japan). Check out all the perks on our Indiegogo campaign and pass the word along!

Next we have the finished coloured version of Full Circle which will be for sale at the Ayden Galley from May1 - June 2! Stratus is an art show featuring comic pages and illustrations from local comic artists. Come out May 3 from 7 - 11pm and meet many of the talented minds behind the work!
As a mental note, scan before framing, taking pictures of framed art leaves all sort of ghosts over the image.

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