Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hands up

Almost didn't get this out, not at home so I wasn't sure the scanner was going to co-operate.

First we have some hand practice, cause I can't have enough of that. I'm always having a hard time making manly hands, they end up too feminine. So I took up my trusty hand book "The Book of a Hundred Hands" by George Bridgman... it's this awesome paperback I picked up in a second hand shop for peanuts but it's got really good hand positions and a few explanations that make sense bu I've never really sat to think it through.

The second pic I was catching up on web comics. Trance to be more exact, it's far too pretty for it's own good and it's kind of my goal right now (this is one of the comics I was talking about in the first post). So I just felt like tormenting some random daemon character and chaining them up... =}

 Ok, that's that for the day. What I learned... hmmm... look at other people's work and try to figure out what they do that you like and then attempt to emulate it.By the way I'm keeping the inks as they are unphototshoped from now one, i think it's important to show mistakes as well as success.

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