Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Promise I didn't die

I just had a deadline last week that sort of ate all my time and then a lovely BBQ on the weekend, so needless to say the computer was either not available or I had already stared at it for the last 18 hours and didn't wish to do so any longer. But here we are, I will resume and I will manage my time more wisely so that last minute deadlines like that stop creeping up on me.

This week I've been using reference... and OMG the difference it makes! OK, reference is maybe not the right word cause I was replicating images or trying to, I'm just using it to build skills not to sell, it's like fan art. So I am planning to continue, I'm just going to do Mangaka that I like for a bit till I get it how I like it and then I'll try doing my own characters again. Today I'm working off Nangoku Banana's stuff, the names of the manga are by the characters. I am trying to focus on the hair but also the use of cross hatching. First off the first picture has a guy, a real guy!!! My guy's faces are far too girly even when I'm trying to a supper top sort of character. So there will be more Guy guys around here soon. Then bottom right of second page is my usual style of guy but I was trying to practice his hair and drawing people with their mouth open. It shouldn't be as hard as it is.

Then I got an idea for some cute fan art of Trance and I couldn't help but do it.  The pose is referenced out of Kitsune no Yome by Nangoku Banana and the character is Quincy from Trance. Artistic cred to me about 50% I just pushed the pen around they had done all the work already.

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