Wednesday, 27 June 2012

More learning from other artists

If only I didn't get caught up in the story and end up reading every one of them in the process of finding a person to do a picture of. Well here's two more pages from three different artists, I'm getting the feel for more manly faces, I'll try my own tonight while at the Cloudscape meeting.

First one has one of the guys from Cat&Dog by Fujii Mitori and the image at the bottom is from Maigo by Honeron Ken. Practicing more hair styles... not more to say about it.

 The kissy couple is from Hyper Love Power by Hiiro Reiichi, I think I'm starting to be on the right path with the hair. The seme has a black shirt on and I like the way it was done as far as the inking with the very dark darks instead of using screen tones. We'll see what I come up with tonight!
I'm starting to realize that most of these authors are male or at least have male names... and it's mostly been shoune ai/yaoi and such that I've been flipping through... I'm not sure why I was  under the impression that this genera was populated by female artists more so... I suppose female mangaka are still not that dominant unless you go into shoujo.

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