Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Artist block

I hate it when I stare at a blank paper and my mind goes blank. Last week I put together a script for a short story based on the characters I've been putting up and I was really focused on it that I finished writing it in two days but then my mind went blank for drawing for like the rest of the week. What I should have done is forced myself to draw... but I got lazy I suppose. So that is why there has been no updates. But I'm back.

First I've got my next monster for the Cloudscape Monster Alphabet. If you haven't voted last week well you should!  This is a Degyt!

I was looking up fashion illustrations the other day and it sort of stuck with me, I like turning flowers into people... more like I like turning them into girls in ridiculous outfits. It was interesting trying to do something that is black... I need to experiment more as to where to put shines so that it's all readable. With this one I drew in the shines and then inked around them I'm not confident enough to just go at it.

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