Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Too Many Characters...?

Well it was about time for the other main character to show up... I love this picture actually, Yona (in the back) looks like he's about the throw his book at his older brother. I imagine the conversation was something or another about how Yona is wasting his time and effort in something to do with science and understanding when everyone is focusing on how to get rid of the pesky invaders. I haven't decided on hair colours but I do kind of like the way the black hair looks, I'm just not sure I want Yona to have black hair too. Maybe I'll tone it dark but not black.

 Next we have two of the people that were asked to join this research team that Yona is also a part of. I screwed up the perspective, she was supposed to be down further on the page to make it look like she was closer to the camera while he was in the background... oh well, I'll try again. Also her face is a little screwy, grr. Lia is a robotics expert while Anthony is one of the engineers.

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