Thursday, 5 July 2012

Something Fishy

 I've changed my mind, the story I was developing is not developed enough to be turned into a comic so I've switched to a different story that I have more ideas for and that has a more solid plot in my head. So instead of faeries and magical creatures you get fishy people and science geeks. =} So here are some fishy people.

First we have the Shark people that don't have a name yet, you are what you eat applies almost literally to his species. I had a hell of a time trying to make him look like he was flicking something back. Originally I wanted him to flick a toothpick at the screen but every time it ended up looking more like he was making bunny ears or quotation marks  in the air and totally ridiculous.
 Next we have Enzo, one of the main characters and he's a different type of fishy person (again no name for his specie either)  but their kind are telepathic and are capable of manipulating the state of mater of things around them, like turning water to a solid or ground to liquid. I'm contemplating them not having clothes... it all depends if I can figure out something for them to wear that makes logical sense and doesn't look ridiculous... loincloths are so out.

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