Sunday, 29 July 2012

Self Portrait

Well I'm not a big fan of pictures of myself cause I think they look silly, possibly also cause I have a tendency of making silly faces, but here I am in need of a profile picture for the Cloudscape website, lucky for me they prefer a drawing then a picture. It's a rather perfect likeness, it feels like I eat paper sometimes at how quickly sketchbooks fill.
The other one is a mixture from a dream of these lizard like people called Basalisks that can assume different appearances by just "shedding" their skin making them perfect assassins... this coupled with playing Assassins' Creed Brotherhood meant I had to draw him in something like that although in the dream he never wore anything like that nor is it related to any Basalisk myth. Of course it was kind of a fail. The picture gets progressively more terrible as you go past his waist. I need to go back and examine clothing in manga, I have a fair idea how to outline the unclothed bits but not the clothes... You can expect that in my next post.

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